Patch - Medication Reminder Mobile App

How we helped Patch create a friction-free application so that individuals could get medication reminders straight to their phones

The Brief

Patch is on a mission to make taking medications easy for people of all ages. Patch has designed their revolutionary PatchCap, a Bluetooth connected attachment for medication bottles. Paired with the Patch mobile app, the PatchCap automatically dispenses pills at a scheduled dosage time while also prompting users with reminders.

Our objective was to design the Patch Mobile App from the ground up to achieve a seamless experience for users self-managing and self-administering medications. The app needed to be simple and intuitive so that even non-tech-savvy elderly users could find their way around the product. As a unique additional feature, we were tasked with creating a way to integrate “buddies” into the app offering. This would allow family and friends to check in and help manage their loved one’s medication schedules.

Iterating Along the Way

One of the most important and challenging screens to design was the main dashboard. This screen had to fulfill many different objectives; showing medication schedules, adherence, and displaying detailed information about each medication in a user’s profile. Because of this tall order, we went through several iterations to reach an optimal design for users to benefit from.

What’s Next?

The Patch Mobile app is currently in development and is scheduled to go live in 2020.  

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