Quill - A Lightweight & Secure Crypto Transaction Signer

Giving the MyCrypto community a way to connect accounts and manage transaction signature requests from a WebApp.

The Brief

The MyCrypto team wanted to offer their users an upgrade from their previous desktop app experience. Quill was built to offer a smaller (in file size) and simpler application than the desktop application - The goal was to offer a streamlined way to connect and approve transactions directly from the desktop while offering a secure offline option for managing wallets.

Enhancing trust above all 

As part of their core mission, MyCrypto strives to offer a more user-friendly, transparent environment for users to perform crypto transactions and manage their funds. The Matcha Design Labs team joined this effort and supported by defining user flows, developing intentional copy & messaging, and crafting the overall UI/UX of the Quill product. This project would be successful if power users were able to quickly validate the utility of such a tool in the ecosystem and new users were excited by the agency and security it offered them. 

Pillars of Trust 

To achieve the mission of enhancing trust and creating efficient user flows, we focused on delivering the following features:

  • Access any Network - Use Quill with any EVM-compatible blockchain, including Polygon, xDai, Binance Smart Chain, and more.
  • Access securely - Include all the features MyCrypto has to offer - accessible safely from your desktop.
  • Encrypt your keys - Quill encrypts your keys for you so you can store your wallets confidently.
  • Thrive offline - Quill is fully functional offline. Airgap your device for even more cold storage security!

Done is Better Than Perfect

At this stage in the product, the Matcha Design Team has helped deliver designs that map the first iteration of the Quill tool. The MyCrypto team has built an early version of the tool based on these designs and are currently testing with their audience. As is true of any new product, evolving user needs and an ever-changing crypto environment means that we expect that the product will evolve as soon as it is live.