How we helped redesign’s search results page to help users find the perfect storage unit quickly and efficiently.

The Brief is a platform for finding storage units nearby. The goal of the website is to help users find and reserve the storage units that fit their needs.

Our objective was to redesign the’s search results page to achieve a streamlined experience that was easy to scan, user-friendly, but also optimized for conversions. We took the mobile-first approach since 70% of users used the website on their mobile devices. After solidifying the mobile experience, we worked on a desktop redesign. The page needed to be simple, yet have all the necessary information clearly laid out at-a-glance.

Before & After of the Redesign

Iterating along the way

One of the challenges was to maximize the small space available on the mobile device and display all the essential information about different facilities. We opted for a card layout to display all the facilities vertically to maximize the space. The goal was to display all the features about the facility as well as the pricing and have access to reserve the unit form the card itself. We also added a “call to book” link right into the card so that the user can find everything at-a-glance.

One of the important features was to have all the facilities displayed in the map view based on the location input. This would allow the user to view all the facilities near them easily. 

What’s next?

The website is currently in the process of development and will be live soon.

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