ViviHealth - Mobile Companion App

How we supported ViviHealth team in creating seamless experience for the patient as well as their supporters

The Brief

The ViviHealth Team was developing a platform to support people in recovery from addiction. Our Team at AMSD did the strategy and design for all 3 platform components: ViviClinic Web App (for doctors and psychiatrists), ViviCircle Mobile App (for patient sponsors/supporters), and the ViviCompanion Mobile App (for people in recovery). 

This case study will cover the support we provided for the ViviCompanion Mobile App. The objective of this app was to improve accountability for people recovering from addiction. The app records data via a wearable device like mood, heart rate, and sleep. It would also request BAC tests via a USB breathalyzer. All collected data would be fed into the ViviHealth algorithm to provide the doctor information to better support the person in recovery. This would then make recommendations for the patient on how to continue their Sobriety Journey. 

Understanding the Landscape

In order to create an app that was a reliable tool for people in recovery, we needed to understand how to improve adherence. We needed to figure out how we could create an app that could be easy to use, but also infused friendly encouragement through the process (even if it was as serious as addiction recovery). 

We began by looking at other apps in the market (inside and outside of healthcare) to see what patterns were working well. 

Competitive Analysis

We discovered that sticky apps that were improving the daily wellbeing of people were doing the following:

  • Displaying useful graph visuals (that felt almost like a video game)
  • Surfacing personalized information with actionable steps at the right time
  • Prioritizing simple interaction patterns when possible

Breathing Exercise Flow

Scores and Vitals

Not Just the Design

Developing this app was a priority for the ViviHealth Team; we wanted to move fast in tandem with their development team to hit tight deadlines. So, instead of waiting until the end for developing a style guide and developer resource (Figma link where developers can grab assets and styles!), we built it as we went. This also meant we were taking a systems-thinking approach to the design system. Any new element added was considered in the whole context of the app and the platform ecosystem.

Our team began to construct components and define styles for icons, extrapolate the color palette for the app, define patterns like error states, and more. One item to note is that each product on the ViviHealth platform had a different (but related) styleguide. The apps were not identical in terms of design, but shared patterns to create familiarity and help streamline development.

What’s next?

Implementation of this mobile companion app was completed Oct 2020. Currently, we are supporting the team with optimizations following launch. Alongside this project, we continue to support ViviHealth with their ViviCircle Supporter App and their ViviClinic Web App.

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