The Tea on Web3 & Why it's Our New Niche

Posted on Jan 31, 2023

The Tea on Web3 & Why it's Our New Niche
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Disclaimer: This article shares best UX practices that we’ve seen over the years in designing for crypto & Web3 products. YOU are responsible for the safety of your funds, tokens, and assets. This should not be taken as financial or custodial advice, and we recommend that you consult with a financial advisor. 

Niching Down

Over the years, our niche has shifted and morphed. We started out as a design agency in 2017 and did everything from event and print design to website and product design. In 2019, we narrowed that focus down to product/UX design. We now operate using a proven product design formula to help tech companies launch products from ZERO. As time went on and our curiosity grew, we couldn’t ignore a new opportunity that kept showing up: Web3. 

After discovering that we could help talented founders differentiate themselves in the space with stellar UX, we decided to go all in. This year, we officially became a Web3 Design Agency! (Check out some of our work here!) We are extremely proud of the work we’ve been creating for our clients and their users over the last couple years. Here are a few shots from recent projects to get you thinking about your next big move..

Web1 > Web2 > Web3

The future of the internet is being built with decentralized exchange(s), crypto wallet(s), and dApps, all built on blockchain technology. (Learn more about how the bitcoin blockchain works here!). Web3 gives the power back to the individual with decentralization as its thesis. Here is great visual breakdown of the evolution of the internet to help illustrate what web3 is:

three white boxes on a mottled grey background, with each box containing an image and text explaining the difference between Web1, Web2, and Web3

To break it down a bit further:

Web1was read-only; it began around 1991 and was the first version of the World Wide Web (software services that run on the internet). It consisted mainly of consuming information and static web pages. Email began in Web1.

Web2 is read and write; it began around 2004 and was shaped by advertising, marketing, and user engagement. Users accessed through mobile devices and computers. It spurred the rise of commerce on the internet, selling goods and services - e-commerce (Amazon etc). From this users were able to contribute/create, and use social media (myspace, twitter, facebook, youtube, instagram etc).

Web3 is read, write and own; it began around 2014. It is a blockchain-based Word Wide Web and offers the ability to build websites, platforms, applications more securely, privacy-focused and censorship-resistant because they are built on blockchain.

Key concepts/components are dApps, decentralization, self-organization, digital ownership, transparency, human connectivity, Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs), and the metaverse. 

Read more here!

So, why are we doing this?

We've always been doing "Web3 on the side" but the time has come to go ALL IN. This is good for many reasons...

  • The equation of "good UX agency" + "crypto experts" = VERY RARE. This means the value of our expertise increases significantly!
  • Crypto companies are getting a lot of $$$ pouring in. Institutions (like Harvard's fund) and big VC firms (Sequoia, Union Square Ventures, etc) are pouring into Web3. This is the next big tech wave. THIS is the future of how applications will work, how governing will happen, and how $$$ will circulate.
  • Our team members will grow and learn about a completely new industry. The UX of Web3 is the wild west. We will literally be inventing new patterns to be used for decades to come.
  • Why not be AHEAD of this curve? Especially when this skill set is so rare?

Our Amazing Web3 Clients

We are one of the few UX Design Agencies that have deep Web3 experience, building crypto wallets, dApps, decentralized exchange(s), and more. We've been in the Crypto/Web3 space since the start of MDL in 2017. Over the years, we've worked with some incredible teams:

A sneak peek of the Petra Wallet (crypto wallet) on the Aptos blockchain
A sneak peek of the Petra Wallet (crypto wallet) on the Aptos blockchain
A snapshot of the Polyient X website promoting NFT utility
A snapshot of the Polyient X website promoting NFT utility
A look at the Wumbo interface allowing users to tag collectibles
A look at the Wumbo interface allowing users to tag collectibles 

It is safe to say MDL is very excited about the future of Web3. We are eager to dive deeper into designing products in the space. From our experience designing dApps, crypto wallets, decentralized exchange(s) and other Web3 products we have seen that the potential is endless. We hope this inspires you to learn more and that you understand why we pivoted to Web3 and are so passionate about what we do! 

At Matcha Design Labs, we love to be ahead of the curve and do this by constantly educating ourselves and innovating in the design world. We did this through embracing Web3 and will continue to do this by changing how daunting Web3 can be. The first step is making Web3 a more accessible place for everyone by designing the very best products! 

If you like the way we think and believe we could help your team, we’d love to chat! Drop us a note here :) 

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