Wumbo Beta Release

How we supported the Wumbo team in designing their social token platform’s beta Chrome Extension.

The Brief

The Wumbo team needed to release their platform’s beta product ASAP. We jumped in with the team and rolled up our sleeves to get the entire product ready in under a month.

Our goal was to take UX best practices and apply them to the Beta so that we could get our product in users’ hands quickly. 

The Wumbo team’s main goal was to determine if there was a product-market fit. And we quickly found out that there was! Within the first few days of launching Beta, over $10,000 USD worth of WUM was in circulation!

Wait, but what is Wumbo?

Wumbo is a Chrome Extension that sits on top of Twitter and allows users to mint social tokens for influencers/creators they follow as a way to “back” them. Users can find a talented influencer/creator, invest in their coin, give them the capital to create their works, publicise them, then share in the upside. 

Fun Fact: The term “wumbo” was invented by Spongebob.

What’s next?

The Wumbo team has been fixing bugs from the Beta release. We’re working with them side-by-side to work on product updates post-Beta (and beyond!). Follow along and stay up to date with the latest on Wumbo here.