MyCrypto - Protected Transactions

MyCrypto - Protected Transactions





About The Project

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Managing cryptocurrency assets isn’t easy. There is so much room for error whether it is sending your assets to the wrong address (most addresses look like this - 0x4bbeEB066eD09B7AEd07bF39EEe0460DFa261520), forgetting your mnemonic phrase, or inadvertently stumbling across a scam. 

We were tasked with creating an "add--on" security feature that would support users in confidently processing their funds. Our solution empowers users by providing thorough insights as well as the ability to undo their transactions.

For everyone

MyCrypto is an online digital wallet for Ethereum and other crypto-assets. MyCrypto users are very diverse. Some users are just learning about crypto and can be prone to mistakes when managing their assets. Other users are “power users” and have several cold storage wallets, know how to to look up transactions, and are fairly crypto-savvy. 

We approached the design process with the goal of providing a helpful, yet unobtrusive experience suitable for both major MyCrypto user types. In order to make sure we weren’t just throwing spaghetti on to the wall to see what stuck, we talked to real users…

Key Learnings

The overall consensus from both new and seasoned users was that providing transaction assurance would add great value in a world where trust is not yet universal. Participants who had not used MyCrypto before had questions on certain terminology and language used. Our most universal finding was that users appreciated granular-level direction when navigating the 2-part transaction. Even expert users acknowledged that this level of detail is important for novice users while being easily bypassed by them.

Avani is a literal Goddess of Design who can decipher incoherent strings of thought and seemingly effortlessly output a work of art. She’s the only God that you can reach via Google Hangouts, too. -Taylor Monahan, CEO of MyCrypto

What’s next?

The Protected Transaction product will be launched in Spring 2020. Along with the MyCrypto team, we will be monitoring the feedback we get from users who are trying out the new feature to see how we can iterate and improve upon it in the months to come.

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