Opyn - V2 Redesign

How we supported the Opyn team in enhancing their users’ experience across their upgraded platform.

Opyn - V2 Redesign




About The Project

How we supported the Opyn team in enhancing their users’ experience across their upgraded platform.

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The Brief

The Opyn team was excited to launch a new and improved product for their users. In an effort to help them put their best forward, we were tasked with optimizing their users’ experience across their interactions with upgraded tools. 

Backed with user research and industry best practice, we tackled this project with a keen focus on streamlined transactions, organization of dense data displays, and contextual education. 

Trade Page: Before & After
Dashboard: Before & After

A user-first approach

Opyn is an interface where crypto holders can open a position, choosing to buy or sell assets while performing market and limit transactions. One particular challenge we faced during the scope of this project was creating a tool that would satisfy a range of users from "DeFi newbies" to "expert financiers".

As such, it was important to connect with users throughout our design process to test assumptions and validate design decisions. We carved out designated space to perform remote moderated feedback sessions to discover where we might focus our efforts in the broad platform redesign. Feedback gave us insights to prioritize high impact adjustments and bench other ideas for future consideration. 

An iterative process

Due to the complex nature of the interactions on the platform, we established clear lines of communication with various Opyn team stakeholders including product managers, finance experts, marketing and engineering team members. This collaborative approach to our design process allowed us to reach our tight deadlines and ensure all had a seat at the table. 

What’s next?

The Opyn team is currently in the process of building the MVP for Opyn 2.0. As the team continues to work through implementation, we at AMSD are standing by to support the phased release of the new platform.

We had a wonderful experience working with AMSD! We had a fast timeline we needed to hit and the AMSD team created a clear plan of action and hit every deadline to deliver the project. 
Avani, Allison, and Manali prioritized understanding our product and our users diving into learning about options and talking to DeFi users. This process was critical to abstracting complex technical details to create a user-friendly interface, simplifying and educating users as they trade options. 
It was also so much fun to get to work with the AMSD team and we'd always look forward to jamming on different ideas on slack or our biweekly calls :) — Alexis Gauba, Co-Founder, Opyn, Inc. 

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