Ceresa Accelerator

How we supported the Ceresa team with integrating their Accelerator offering into their parent platform.

Ceresa Accelerator






About The Project

How we supported the Ceresa team with integrating their Accelerator offering into their parent platform.

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<span class="highglight">The Brief</span>

The Ceresa team had a hypothesis that their audience would enjoy the chance to participate in a guided mentorship-style journey. To test this product offering, they assembled a scrappy MVP that consisted of multiple external tools coming together to create a trial experience.  Next, with proof of concept in hand, they engaged Matcha Design Labs to help them bring a more robust version of the experience into the core product.

Measure Twice <span class="highglight">Build Once</span>

To kick off this project, we gathered relevant stakeholders in the room and headed to FigJam to complete a series of user flows and stories that would reflect a user’s experience. To measure not only against the team’s vision, but also incorporate best practice and creative alternatives, we also created many moodboards to guide ideation at this stage.

Ship <span class="highglight">and refine</span>

A cross-functional approach served us well as we leveled up in fidelity, drafting wireframes then layering in existing UI elements and brand styles to reach increasing levels of fidelity. With these workable prototypes in hand, we invited former Accelerator users into the conversation to participate in usability studies. This helped us refine designs heading into the homestretch of version 1 we would develop.

Looking Ahead to <span class="highglight">continuous iteration</span>

With the Accelerator platform now active in the ecosystem, the Ceresa team are actively collecting feedback to prioritize both incremental refinements and continue to test early assumptions made in version 1.

What's <span class="highglight">Next?</span>

The Accelerator program at Ceresa is now fully operational and actively supporting users in gaining valuable insights and shared knowledge between mentees and mentors. We look forward to continuing to work alongside the product team to define v2 and beyond.

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