Aptos Labs Wallet Launch

How we unlocked access to the Aptos blockchain: designing the Petra wallet.

Aptos Labs Wallet Launch

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About The Project

How we unlocked access to the Aptos blockchain: designing the Petra wallet.

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What is <span class="highlight">Petra</span>?

Aptos Labs recently launched the Aptos blockchain to mainnet. Aptos is a new Layer 1 blockchain that promises better user experience for Web3 utilizing unparalleled technology and scalability. Petra is the wallet developed by the Aptos Labs team designed to offer users a frictionless experience performing transactions on chain.

The Challenge: <span class="highlight">Concept to MVP in 1 Month</span>

The Aptos Labs team set out on a mission to create a highly accessible wallet for those still getting used to the space while meeting the standards crypto natives have come to expect from wallets they use every day.

Our team was tasked with designing a development-ready wallet in the format of a browser  extension. After the month, users should be able to: complete onboarding, view a product homepage, browse collectibles, review transactions, send assets, adjust settings, and manage their multiple accounts.

By collaborating closely with the Aptos Labs team, leveraging best practices, and conducting a few user testing sessions, we accomplished our goal of delivering high-fidelity mockups after 30 days.

Defining <span class="highlight">MVP</span>

To initially align, and to help manage the scope of the MVP throughout the engagement, we created an information architecture diagram in Figjam. This helped to delineate core functionality from post-MVP features.

This early discovery effort also provided the space for the Aptos Labs team to reflect and share with our team what differentiated their product from other layer 1 blockchains.

Onboarding <span class="highlight">Web 2.0 Users</span>

With Petra hoping to act as a guide to those early in their Web3 journeys, it was integral that we designed seamless and familiar onboarding and account creation flows. Borrowing from what others have done well while optimizing for a newbie audience, we created a positive first impression with an emphasis on human language and transparent security features including account passwords and wallet secret recovery phrases.

Learnings from <span class="highlight">UX Testing</span>

To ensure we were testing our assumptions and delivering a user-centric product, we carved out time to speak directly to prospective users. We recruited with an emphasis on new-to-web3 folks to ensure that their unique concerns and expectations were met. During these sessions, we took a deeper look specifically at safely storing a secret recovery phrase, accessing user account addresses, and sending transactions.

Wallet <span class="highlight">Evolution</span>

With a tight turnaround time, we focused first on the overall journey of a user through the product. In tandem, the Aptos Labs branding team further refined the look and feel of the Petra visual library. With flows initially wireframed and then iterated upon with increasing fidelity, the final evolution saw the coming together of the final brand elements on the scaffolding of the wallet.

What's <span class="highlight">next</span>

With this collaboration, we set out to craft a clean user interface that was approachable and easy to use. Now at 1,000+ positive reviews and 300,000++ users only one month after launching on Mainnet, we are thrilled about the potential the Aptos Labs team has captured on their way to creating great tools in the Web3 ecosystem.

We are excited to continue to support the team with new workflows in Petra including a swap interface and a personalized address book for sending assets - to the moon!

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