PolyientX Website Redesign

Refurbishing a visual identity and achieving brand consistency.

PolyientX Website Redesign




About The Project

Refurbishing a visual identity and achieving brand consistency.

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The Brief

With the launch of their new PX Drops experience, the PolyientX team was eager to update their main website to match this new, dynamic identity we created together. 

The Matcha Design Labs team offered guidance on achieving a cohesive visual language across their products. This was crucial as the homepage is the first impression for users across their suite of experiences. 

P.S - Check out their live site here!

Creating understanding in a vast new world 🧑‍🚀

The PolyientX (PX) team was excited by the opportunity to set a new standard for highlighting the utility of NFTs in the uncharted territory of Web3. Their primary goal was to address the “Now what…?” feeling new NFT holders were experiencing after purchasing their first Crypto Punk or Baby Llama. By highlighting reward potential and staking opportunities, the PX team aims to attract creators, communities, and brands to an ecosystem where this utility can be uniquely promoted and universally understood. 

Sharing a vision

Instead of just a visual upgrade, we wanted to work together with the team to create a strong foundation for:

  • Promote rewards and staking under a unified brand
  • Demystify the potential upside available to NFT holders
  • Break down barriers for brands and communities to further engage with their audiences

A Launching Pad in a New Direction

The Matcha Design Labs team helped create a visual language for PolyientX that will act as the foundation for all that is to come. With a unified look and feel across their product offerings, the team can now shift their focus to optimizing existing product offerings and bringing new ones to life. 

What’s next?

The PolyientX team is hard at work implementing this new design. Visit their site often for updates and new releases.

When we sought to find a UX firm that understands great UX AND web3, I was sure we had embarked on an impossible mission. However, Matcha Design Labs defied all of our expectations with their raw creativity and thorough understanding of web3 user expectations. MDL is the perfect fit for early-stage web3 teams looking for a UX edge.

Nick Casares, Head of Product, PolyientX

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