PX Drops Launch

How we designed the PX Drops experience to create utility for NFTs.

PX Drops Launch

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About The Project

How we designed the PX Drops experience to create utility for NFTs.

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The Brief

The PolyientX team’s objective was to design an easy-to-use experience for eligible NFT-holders to register and claim exclusive rewards

The Matcha Design Labs team supported the creation of a streamlined experience from drop discovery to evaluating eligibility to claiming rewards.

…”but NFTs are just silly pictures with no value…” 

One of our missions as a Web3 design agency is to help folks discover the utility of their assets in the Web3 space. Similar to us, PolyientX is a Web3 team we identified that was on a similar mission – which is why we were so excited to work with them. They weren’t just creating NFTs to mint (and then sell), but they were actually giving users a reason to hold onto their NFTs – for rewards. This got us excited because it could show Web3-newbies the potential of what’s to come! 

Seeing it in action… 

Bringing it all together, we were able to address main user needs, including: 

  • Creating excitement about drop rewards and urgency/exclusivity
  • Keeping the process simple to maximize perceived value for eligible communities
  • Guiding users through the flow with clear guideposts to support their learning about the utility of their NFT asset

The Design Transformation 

Together, we created an experience that was as visually compelling as it was usable. Our team came in and helped PolyientX completely reimagine PX Drops (see their initial wireframes on the left). Through conversation and thoughtful exploration, we helped the team build something they were proud to show and test with different communities.

What’s next?

The PolyientX team has already launched several drops successfully. You can find their latest drop live on their site!

When we sought to find a UX firm that understands great UX AND web3, I was sure we had embarked on an impossible mission. However, Matcha Design Labs defied all of our expectations with their raw creativity and thorough understanding of web3 user expectations. MDL is the perfect fit for early-stage web3 teams looking for a UX edge.

Nick Casares, Head of Product, PolyientX

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