Strata Liquidity Bootstrapping Protocol

Creating a minting tool for community tokens that helps continue to create liquidity in the Strata ecosystem.

Strata Liquidity Bootstrapping Protocol





About The Project

Creating a minting tool for community tokens that helps continue to create liquidity in the Strata ecosystem.

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The Brief

The Strata team wanted to design a user-friendly tool that builders could utilize for minting tokens in their new social token ecosystems. 

The Matcha Design Labs team’s main goal was to help design this tool so that it was intuitive for even the least crypt-savvy users - no matter their familiarity with token minting.  

What is Strata?

Strata is an open-source protocol that allows teams, builders, and communities to launch their own tokens on Solana. 

We have been working with the Strata team from Day 1, and helped support creating their brand identity in order to have a solid visual foundation for any new products created. 

The Countdown  

In order to ensure there is enough liquidity in the token ecosystem, the Strata team wanted to create a Liquidity Bootstrapping Tool. This tool would be created with code that would be open-source for all Strata launches. 

Our main objectives were to: 

  • Create clarity around the “countdown” and demonstrate the real-time price fluctuations
  • Provide enough data so the users could make informed decisions
  • Allow for a streamlined and quick experience while minting 

Allowing for Open-Source 

An important component of Strata (and all of Web3) is the idea of open-source library. This reality means that code can be written, forked, and then used by additional builders (inside and outside of the Strata team) to innovate and optimize. This allows for huge progress in a short amount of time. 

The Strata library has already been successfully used by several teams to create Social Tokens. One such project is Genopets.

What’s next?

The Strata team has launched the Liquidity Tool and we continue to support them in iterations to make the tool even better as more teams use it. 

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