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How we supported the Tap Cash team in launching their MVP for Grizzlython (a Solana Hackathon).

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About The Project

How we supported the Tap Cash team in launching their MVP for Grizzlython (a Solana Hackathon).

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<span class="highlight">The Brief</span>

The Tap Cash team wanted to create a dead simple way to enable anyone to use crypto to exchange funds. The theory was that if we could create a smooth “Venmo-like” experience, people would seamlessly be able to integrate crypto in their day-to-day lives! The current solution for this is a Web3 Wallet (like Metamask or Phantom). However, these can be difficult to set up, terminology is confusing, and users become vulnerable to theft or phishing. So, along came the Tap Cash team, together, we set out to find a way to make the blockchain feel invisible for a USDC transaction.

<span class="highlight">Setting The Vibe</span>

Since this product was going to be built from scratch, we had no visual assets to build from. Our team dove in with a Vibe Moodboard to quickly understand where the product look and feel should go. We explored existing tech apps, finance apps, and other professional apps to determine what felt right for this product. The goal was to create something that was simple, garnered trust, and felt *dead simple.*

<span class="highlight">Progress One Step at a Time</span>

This project was highly collaborative (and mostly via asynchronous communication using Slack, Loom Videos & Figma comments!). We began with wireframes using best practices from quality money exchange experiences. After we had a baseline, we started iterating via discussions and quick user feedback chats.

<span class="highlight">Working on a moving train</span>

The Tap Cash team built while we designed. There were quick exchanges as product functionality changed, so our team had to be nimble with design recommendations and design implementation.

The final result was stunning! We submitted the project to Grizzlython in mid-March 2023. On April 7, it was announced that our team won 1st Place in the “Mobile Apps” category!

<span class="highlight">What's Next</span>

The Tap Cash team is continuing to develop the app after the Grizzlython win! We're cheering them on as they keep testing and iterating.

Matcha exceeded my expectations -- they asked insightful questions to really understand what I was trying to accomplish, and they helped bring my ideas to life. The team keeps customer top of mind, delivers quickly, and pays attention to all of the small details.

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