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How we modernized the Seller’s Shield experience to speak to a whole new wave of users

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About The Project

How we modernized the Seller’s Shield experience to speak to a whole new wave of users

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The <span class="highlight">Brief</span>

The Seller’s Shield team came to us with the challenge of helping them reach their next growth milestone with a site-wide facelift. They had measured traction for their service and were ready to professionalize the overall look and feel to expand their reach further into new markets.

The DYNAMIC DUO: <span class="highlight">uX & UI</span>

At this stage of their business, the team was excited to apply a professional coat of uniform, playful and clean UI while also making key usability corrections. Together, we audited the current experience and defined a refined brand style which we applied to a UI kit. We also paid close attention to applying a clear hierarchy and integrating familiar patterns to better match users’ expectations of their experience through the tools.

Tidying up the <span class="highlight">core value prop</span>

Once a style was established, we took a deep dive to upgrade both the language and the layout of each sales page. Helping users feel supported in their home buying journey was central to this approach. We landed on designs that felt trustworthy, informed and super easy to use.

<span class="highlight">conversion</span> counts

The final step of the collaboration included evaluating current points in the experience where users dropped off. We worked closely with the team to understand user habits which informed a series of storyboards. Using these, we delivered variable flow sequences that the team could now test to optimize conversion.

What's <span class="highlight">Next</span>

The Seller’s Shield team continues to refine their offering and implement the newly defined style throughout their product.

"We hired the Matcha team to embark a complete redesign of our application. Their team are excellent communicators and easy to work with. They took the time to understand our customers' needs, provided cognitive insights into why they made the decisions they made, and delivered a user-centered design that's helped seed our current experience. Avani and her team are professionals and can help organizations of any size with their UX and design needs."

Annan Patel, Vice President, Head of Product

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