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Great for sticking to a budget

We will hop on an initial diagnostic call and come up with a custom proposal, timeline, and set of deliverables for your project.

Invest in a Retainer

Great for sticking to a budget

We can be nimble with you as your roadmap evolves. We’ll recommend a set number of monthly hours that our team will dedicate.

Our Services Include

🔬 Strategy & Research

Brainstorming, market research, defining MVP & Vision products, product strategy

🤩 Visual/UI Design

Layout design, illustrations, visual elements, interactions, design systems, UI style guides

🚧 UX Design

User flows, wireframes, UX audits, prototyping, usability testing, user research

👾 Support for Dev/Product

Design project management, design QA, prep for development, feasibility discussions

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The core values that guide our work


We work to ensure that you have a clear pulse on the status of all project deliverables. While we’re always optimizing, we deploy our proven process to each project.


We combine industry best practice with influence from adapting design trends to ensure that our solutions are equally usable and offer moments of delight to your users.


We believe in clear, concise and frequent communication. Our shared Slack channels and Figma comments keep the conversation going throughout your project engagement.

Strong Opinions, Loosely Held

We trust that our experience and process add great value, however we welcome ideas and collaboration with open arms and encourage it from stakeholders throughout our work.

Iterative Design

No product work is ever done. We thrive in this fast-paced, environment. Ideas and feedback fuel our desire to get back to work to continuously improve your product.

Cross Functional

We know that regardless of team size it’s important to tackle product solutions with all stakeholders in the room. We act as the catalyst for open communication and input.

Frequently asked questions

What does an engagement typically look like?

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At MDL all engagements are customized to your specific needs. There are 2 types of engagements that you might consider. A project-based engagement is one where the deliverables are agreed upon up front, a timeline is set and the collaboration proceeds with these specifics in place. A retainer-based engagement is more open ended, defined only by a designated engagement period. Throughout this period, we will collaborate with you and your team to address your most pressing design needs as they arise.

How much does it cost to work with you?

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Due to the customized nature of our projects it is difficult to propose a range without knowing more about your goals. The best way to learn about pricing for your project is to complete a proposal submission and we'll be in touch shortly with more details.

Are we at the right stage to collaborate with an agency?

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We support teams at all stages of growth. Working with MDL gives you the expertise of a seasoned in-house designer with the fire power of an agency which means we can accelerate your learning. Whether you're looking to launch an MVP, introduce a new feature, optimize overall user experience - we've got you covered.

who will we actually be working with?

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Once a project is scoped, we'll assign our most well suited teammates to collaborate with you throughout your engagement. Each project is thoughtfully assigned a UX Strategist who will act as your primary contact and guide your team to deliver effectively and efficiently. If additional fire power is needed to ensure your deliverables are optimal, additional MDL design talent may be brought in to support. Whether you're working with one or many MDL teammates, we guarantee you'll feel like you've hired an in-house designer!

How long is a typical engagement?

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Since all projects are custom designed to suit your specific needs, a timeline is difficult to predict generally. The best way to get an idea of the timeline for your project is to complete a proposal submission so that we can get an estimate over to your shortly.

How will we communicate with your team?

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Clear, constant and concise communication is a core value of our work at MDL. As we kick off your project, you'll be invited to join a shared Slack channel where project chatter takes place. We will also share updates frequently using Loom for screen sharing video walkthroughs.